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When I was 16 years old I was really into bands from Wales and Belgium. - whatever you need
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covert prestige
Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006 07:13 pm
When I was 16 years old I was really into bands from Wales and Belgium.

Last night a Belgian asked me how I'd ever heard of dEUS, and I was like, "er, uh, i used to listen to them a lot in high school i don't remember OH GOD GO AWAY AND MAKE SOME WAFFLES OR SOMETHING!" But later I was thinking about it, and the first time I ever heard dEUS was (as unlikely as it seems) on the radio. The regular radio, too, like 92.1 The Edge, or something. Little Arithmetics was on one of those battle of the songs shows, where people call in and vote for the song they like best, and then the next day the winning song goes up against a new song. It lost on the radio, but it won in my heart.

So, dEUS was great, but it also seemed a little weird. It was almost like I'd gone back in time, since I haven't listened to dEUS very extensively since 1999. The Belgian said that in Belgium they sell out huge venues at $40+ (he probably didn't actually say dollars) a ticket, but we saw them last night for $8 and there were only around 50 people there (i know because i counted. i like counting.). He said we were lucky to be able to see them like this, but I actually thought it was a little depressing. Before we got there I was kind of worried because I like their older material a lot more than I like their most recent album and figured that they would mostly play songs from that (not only because it is the newest album, but because they've had a lot of lineup changes over the years*), but they played a lot of old stuff (and i remembered that i totally love "Via,"), and even the new songs that I didn't like so much on the album sounded pretty good. Tom Barman wondered what the correct pronunciation of Detroit was ("Deee-troit? Dih-troit?") and it was the first time I'd ever seen a band at the Shelter that actually had roadies set up for them.

Also, a fact about me that is not widely known even by people who known me is that the first time I ever got my hair cut short (by a professional haircutter, not by a friend in a hotel bathroom with dull scissors we borrowed from the pool man), the cut was based loosely on Klaas Janzoons' Ideal Crash-era hair. He plays the violin and keyboard and cowbell and I love him.

I did not take this picture. It is from the show in Montreal three days ago and I found it on someone's flickr page. I had my camera phone and I kept thinking that I should try to take some pictures, but I never did. Nobody knows why. This looks pretty much the same as last night, except Tom Barman was wearing a different shirt. I think Klaas was wearing the same shirt, but I love him anyway. I was wearing the same clothes I wore to see Destroyer (no sense in getting more stuff cigarettey), so I am not able to pass judgment on the clothes-wearing habits of others.

Also: I recently realized that my favorite dEUS song has saxophone in it. It is not my favorite because of the saxophone, though. This is it: Supermarketsong.

*I was so sad when Stef Kamil Carlens left to work with Zita Swoon full time. Mostly because I knew it would be a long long long time before Zita Swoon would have anything released in the US (they still haven't), but also because he is a man with sexy hair. (Zita Swoon is really good. Go here and listen to "Hey You, Whatshadoing" and "TV Song," and then send me money so that i can afford to buy an import of their new album. I'm going to buy it anyway, but if you send me money I'll also be able to afford the vegetables and beans that will keep me alive until it gets here.)

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Wed, Mar. 29th, 2006 07:04 am (UTC)


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